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In advance of doctor visits:
Bring the list of activities you cannot perform to each appointment.  Besides making all their doctors aware of your challenges, often physicians, nurses and other staff have resources you may not have considered.

In advance of hiring in-home care:
In home care can be a valuable resource in helping families eliminate worry, reduce stress and get a break from caregiving. They offer respite care and companionship, as well as assist with activities of daily living.  The Cards will help you to communicate your needs to the agency and help to select the right caregiver.

When considering a move:
If you are considering a move to an age 55+ community, assisted living facility, a continuous-care retirement facility or another care community, The Cards will help identify the support you will need in the new environment and the type of setting that would be best for you.

Before leaving the hospital:
If you’ve suffered an accident or illness that put you in the hospital, it is likely you will not be able to immediately resume all the activities you were doing prior to your stay in the hospital.  The Cards will help you to discover how your abilities may have changed and allow you to create a new Life Plan before returning home.

To assess the stress of caregiving:
If there is a family caregiver or spouse supporting a loved one, The Cards will help to identify the caregiver burden that individual is carrying.  Quite often it is the family caregiver who is supporting all the activities the individual in their care is unable to do.  The Cards can help the caregiver recognize how the act of caregiving may be affecting them and help you to suggest support that is available for them.    



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