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Wishes and Values


Our values are the qualities and characteristics we hold dear. When our actions and words are aligned with our wishes and values, life is generally good and we feel content, confident and satisfied.

THE CARDS I’VE BEEN DEALT™ Wishes and Values cards offer

51 gentle open-ended questions to uncover what matters most and what brings joy and satisfaction.

The cards are a tool of self-discovery, identifying areas of concern, things the individual longs to do, connections that are important, and memories that bring good feelings.  Use the Life Plan to record what you have learned.

Click the Get Started tab for instructions on when to use the Wishes and Values Deck.


“Wishes and Values cards are very helpful for crisis intervention”.

Judith Sussman



“These are indeed POWER tools. While fun and simple to use, THE CARDS I'VE BEEN DEALT™ provide insight and direction when coping with life changes”.

Joan Howard

Psychotherapist and Owner, Counseling Center of Thousand Oaks; Recognitioning Therapy


“This is a great card game to play with a retirement group. Play a game like Fish, and when everyone has 3 cards they like - use that for a starting point for sharing”.

​Diane Sussman

Get My Ducks In A Row


“The cards are great for all ages. They are a useful tool for parent/child communication (at any age)”.

Diane Sussman, Get My Ducks In A Row and Judith Sussman PhD, MFT


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