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The 3-Deck Set Includes:


51 Daily Activities Cards

51 Wishes and Values Cards

51 Life Practices Cards

Carrying Pouch

Instruction Booklet*

One Set of Sample Assessment Forms*

One Life Plan Template*

*item not pictured.

THE CARDS I’VE BEEN DEALT™ offers a complete set of life planning tools that encourage exercising existing abilities, acting on our personal wishes and values, and  engaging with our environment in terms of interdependence, rather than

on dependence.


While using the card games, we can develop and implement a

Life Plan that promotes life

strengths and vital  involvement.

THE CARDS I’VE BEEN DEALT™ has shown benefits in the  following areas:

• Encouraged individuals to maximize their personal strengths

  and contributions

• Decreased the negative impact of medical disorders and


• Increased ability to bounce back in response to life transitions

• Positively influenced a sense of vitality and well-being, enabling

  us to realize our wishes and live our values in everyday life.


3-Deck Set


“These are indeed POWER tools. While fun and simple to use, THE CARDS I'VE BEEN DEALT™ provide insight and direction when coping with life changes”.

Joan Howard, Psychotherapist and Owner, Counseling Center of Thousand Oaks; Recognitioning Therapy


“Life Practices cards are a great way to raise awareness in a non-threatening way and a good starting point for discussion”.

Judith Sussman, PhD, MFT


“Daily Activities cards are a great diagnosis tool to assess strengths, weaknesses, and/or behavioral changes. They offer a way to chart changes and increase awareness for the individual and everyone involved and can also be used as a personal perception indicator. Fantastic!”

Diane Sussman, Get My Ducks In A Row and Judith Sussman, PhD, MFT


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